Tell us you are interested!

Formal application opens late April or early May. 

Application before 30th of June will earn your team an early registration discount.

Too make sure you won’t miss any news or dates this anniversary make sure to register your team down below already today to recieve email-notifications when the application opens (first registered and paid team always gets a price)

His helps us plan a perfect tournament early, and if you agree we can inform other teams about your interest in playing Knallecupen, perhaps meaning even more teams to play against in September. No strings attached though.


When submitting the request, you are also allowing us to handle your personal data. Contact information will be stored before and during the tournament but also after for future participation. If you do not want to receive information regarding Knallecupen please let us know and we will remove you from the distribution list. Information regarding allergies and specific food preferences will only be stored during the tournament and will be deleted as soon as it is not needed any more. Information regarding team members will also be deleted after the tournament.

Payment information (outside of Sweden): 
IBAN: SE46 8000 0803 2500 4630 2188  

Payment information (Sweden): 

We are so happy you want to take part in Knallecupen 2019, we will make our best to make it a great pre-season tournament for your team to get as ready as possible for the upcoming season.

Fill in the form and just click Send. We will get back to you within a few days to confirm everything looks correct and that you have a spot in this years tournament. Note that the application is only valid when the payment is registered on our account.

If more than one team from your club wants to come, either fill in the form another time, or specify the number of teams and what class you are applying for in the last message field.

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